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Why can't steel plate processing and cutting be arbitrarily?

The so-called steel plate cutting refers to cutting the complete steel plate into various shapes. This kind of cutting actually belongs to a kind of art, although the steel plate is mainly used for cutting with cutting tools, but human operation is also essential. So far our technology has not yet reached, let the machine leave the person to cut the steel plate. So can the steel plate cutting be cut as you want? The answer is yes.

Steel plates are widely used in many industrial fields, and the shapes of steel plates are different in different places. After generations of steel plate cutting equipment have been upgraded, we can now cut according to the shape required by customers. It's just that different shapes need machines with different equipment to cut, and some shapes are simple, and ordinary steel plate cutting machines can handle them. If you want to cut the steel plate into a relatively complex shape, the cutting equipment used is naturally higher-end.