Yiwu zhenDu Trading Firm

Professional production and operation of various types of plates and pipes, with sufficient stock.Provide various materials for flat, medium-thick, and checkered plates


Large CNC flame steel plate cutting

Flame steel plate cutting is an economical way to process low-carbon steel and low-alloy steel, and it is also suitable for welding joints. It is one of the main processing methods in the metal industry.

Large CNC plasma steel plate cutting

Used to cut materials that are not suitable for flame steel cutting, such as high alloy steel or aluminum. Today, it is also used to cut thinner low-alloy steel plates.

Large CNC laser cutting equipment

The CNC laser beam is focused on the material through the hole of the cutting nozzle, heating the material and melting it. The cutting gas usually sprayed in the same direction as the cutting nozzle blows away the slag at the same time.

Surface treatment

The company has advanced automated electroplating production equipment and testing equipment, including 23 production lines such as hanging plating gantry automatic line and semi-automatic line, and automatic and manual wire drawing machines, water wire drawing machines, sandblasting machines, polishing machines and other equipment. It has a fully equipped and advanced laboratory and a laboratory. Among them, X fluorescence thickness gauge, color difference meter, photochromaticity meter, electronic balance, pH meter, conductivity detector, high-speed centrifuge, titration analyzer, electrolytic thickness gauge, electromagnetic thickness gauge, salt spray machine, Various testing and measuring equipment such as damp heat machine, Ha-type tank, resistance tester, hardness tester, etc., for the company's inspection and screening of electroplating raw materials, electroplating production site maintenance and monitoring, product quality inspection and monitoring, and new products and new processes The development and innovation provide a strong technical guarantee.

The main plating types and treatment processes are:
Color zinc, white zinc, environmental protection color zinc, environmental protection blue and white zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc, army green zinc, zinc-nickel alloy;
Conductive oxidation (Ocd1A, Ocd3, natural color, internal runner), anodizing (electric polishing, chemical polishing, coloring, sealing), aluminum parts cleaning, hard oxidation; aluminum and aluminum alloy YMT-631 anti-corrosion treatment + T2-2X protection ;
Chemical nickel plating, copper nickel chromium plating, nickel plating, decorative chromium, hard chromium;
Gold-plated, silver-plated, tin-plated, tin-plated cerium alloy;
Copper plating, stainless steel pickling passivation, titanium alloy cleaning, copper pickling passivation, stainless steel blackening;
Hot-dip galvanizing, bluing, phosphating, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting